The construction of the Alixar project

Basically, Alixar is a fork of refactoring the Dolibarr free ERP/CRM, using the MVC design pattern and technical improvements to make it more sustainable.

The objective of the project is to use modern programming techniques, to completely refactor the Dolibarr project, whose code uses obsolete techniques, and turn it into a modern and sustainable application.

In this blog, you will explain step by step, the processes (sometimes, very, very long), that will have to be given to achieve this goal.

The first task, and one of the longest and most complicated, is to analyze the code and document (in my poor English), practically without making any changes, adapting the structure of the directories, and preparing everything to have a single entry point in the index.php of the htdocs directory.

Integration with Alxarafe

The only changes that will be made during this process is the removal of the code that is already developed in Alxarafe, which will simplify the subsequent update; among them, the database engine, the management of the configuration file, the integration with a template manager and the translator.

Access to the Source Code of Alixar

You can find the details of all the changes in the project’s GitHub repository:

If you wish, you can contribute in different ways:

If you detect any bugs, suggestions, or requests for improvement, you can raise an issue on GitHub.

If you want to participate in code development, you can create a branch and pull request over the repository.