What is Alixar?

Alixar is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) based initially on Dolibarr.

What is Dolibarr?

Dolibarr is a powerful ERP with a very active developer community. Its growth is because it has a nurturing and active international network of partners that provide support in their respective countries.

Dolibarr has a very active and productive community, but the development, at internal level, presents serious shortcomings that make it lose attractive, so we have decided to use it to develop and test Alxarafe.

You can find Alxarafe in the following repositories:


To integrate it into your application you will need to install composer and run the following command:

composer require alxarafe/alxarafe

If you find ways to improve the code, do so.

PULL Request Welcome!

Why create Alixar?

Dolibarr is a management package that has a solid community, but its code is quite disorganized and presents some drawbacks dragged from its previous versions, which in the current software, usually are quite overcome.

After analyzing it superficially, we verify that these drawbacks can be solved in a more or less organized way and substantially improve the costs of maintenance of the application.

Some of these drawbacks are:

  • Many entry points to the code.
  • General disorganization.
  • A significant amount of duplicate code.
  • Excessive use of global variables
  • Little use of object-oriented programming.
  • Mix of controllers, models and views.

Still, the tool seems phenomenal, and that’s why we are interested in solving them.

You will find the updated code in the following repository:


Remember that you can collaborate to make a more efficient code.

You will be able to follow all the improvements of the code in our blog.

Pull requests are always welcome

The original text is in Spanish: https://alxarafe.es